Monday, July 17, 2017

4th Annual Brew Hee Haw Craft Beer Roundup Recap

A visit to the fair is an essential part of my summer.  I always look forward to all of the sights, sounds, and unique food items that are offered every year. This year, I was able to attend the 4th Annual Brew Hee Haw Craft Beer Roundup.  This was my first time attending the Brew Hee Haw, which is an event that is produced by Brew Ha Ha Productions.  I always have a fun time at Brew Ha Ha events, spending time with friends, while enjoying a wide variety of delicious beers.

The Brew Hee Haw is unique because it is set inside of another annual event, the OC Fair. The OC Fair and Brew Hee Haw go together perfectly.  Brew Hee Haw attendees are able to attend the event, and enjoy the fair afterwards.  The area where the Brew Hee Haw is held is underneath a large tent, which makes it easy to enjoy a beautiful Southern California summer day.  The event had a great mix of people, and never felt that it was too crowded.  

Attendees were able to easily go from booth to booth and sample beers.  The dj that was at the opposite end of the entrance played a wide variety of music, which helped to add to everyone's enjoyment throughout the afternoon.  The relaxed environment and manageable crowds made it easy for attendees to enjoy themselves throughout the four hour event.
I had a fantastic time at the Brew Hee Haw and look forward to attending next year!

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