Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mickey's Halloween Party

Disneyland and Halloween are two of my favorite things.  Visiting Disneyland during Halloweentime is always something I look forward to each year.  This year, I decided to attend one of the special ticketed Mickey's Halloween Parties.  I've always been a bit reluctant to attend, because as a Disneyland Annual Passholder, I already pay a nice sum of money each month to have the opportunity to visit the Happiest Place on Earth.  Why would I want to purchase a separate ticket for an after hours event?  Well, for starters, they have special Halloween themed fireworks.  Back in 2009, before Disneyland offered the Mickey's Halloween Party, for a very brief period of time, the Halloween themed fireworks were able to be seen by those in attendance during regular admission times.  Since 2010, though, the Halloween Screams fireworks are only able to be viewed during Mickey's Halloween Parties.

Spooky Halloween projections on buildings on Main Street U.S.A.
When first entering the event, it was quite crowded with non-party attendees as well as party attendees near the front entrance to Disneyland.  For guests attending Mickey's Halloween Party, they are able to arrive before the actual start time to the party, which is nice for those who are not frequent visitors to Disneyland.  Each party attendee receives a tiny bag to hold candy, although you can also bring one from home if you'd like to try to get your money's worth of candy.  

Characters on floats on the Rivers of America
The decorations and Halloween themed music are a nice enhancement to the regular Halloweentime decorations throughout Disneyland.  The treat stations are located in various areas throughout different lands in Disneyland.  We visited the treat stations on Main Street USA, the Golden Horseshoe, the Rivers of America, as well as those located near the Hungry Bear restaurant.  I think the only way you would be able to visit all of the treat stations were if you arrived early, although, I don't know how you would also manage to visit any of the attractions.  The only attraction I wanted to visit while there for Mickey's Halloween Party was the Haunted Mansion Holiday.  Although the Haunted Mansion has been decorated by Jack Skellington since September, the wait times whenever I have visited have been close to two hours.
During Mickey's Halloween Party, we only had to wait for twenty minutes, which was a definite treat. 

We had decided that viewing the earlier showing of the Frightfully Fun Parade, which runs both before and after the Halloween Screams fireworks, would make the most sense since I attended a party on a Tuesday night.
I wasn't quite sure where the best view of the parade would be, and decided on trying to view it from the left side of the castle.
Our view of the fireworks was okay, I could see some of the castle projections, but not all of them.
I really liked the Halloween Screams fireworks.
I just didn't like how it was a bit disorganized for where to sit and/or stand for the fireworks.

Which leaves me with the question, was it worth it to attend Mickey's Halloween Party?  Will I attend Mickey's Halloween Party in the future?  I really don't think the price of the ticket was worth all of the offerings of the party.  I also felt that the fireworks viewing area could have been better organized.

The Halloween Tree in Frontierland
But, I love Halloweentime at Disneyland.  So, I imagine, in a few years, I will be back for another Mickey's Halloween Party.  If I do go again, though, I will make sure to purchase tickets for a Friday night rather than a Tuesday evening.

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