Sunday, December 4, 2016

Merry Kringle with Racine Danish Kringles!

Recently, I was asked by #FoodieChats to sample some amazing desserts from Racine Danish Kringles.  Prior to being sent the Racine Danish Kringles, I had not heard of these pastries. The Danish Kringle is the official state pastry for the state of Wisconsin.  When Danish settlers arrived in the late 1800s, they brought with them the Danish Kringle.  Each Danish Kringle made by Racine Danish Kringle is handcrafted in their family bakery.  


While I love sharing treats with my friends and family during the Christmas season, finding time to bake treats can be a challenge.  The Racine Danish Kringle is a perfect dessert to share during the holidays, and anytime of year.  They arrive frozen, and can either be continued to be kept frozen for up to six months or consumed after allowing them to thaw. I sampled the chocolate silk as well as the cinnamon Kringle.  The Racine Danish Kringles are easy to cut up into small pieces to allow more friends and family to share in the Kringle dessert.

Light, flaky with just the right amount of chocolate in the chocolate silk Kringle.

I am pretty confident that the head elf himself, Kris Kringle would also be a fan of these delightful treats.

Kringle for Kris Kringle!

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