Sunday, April 19, 2015

Baseball and Strangers

Adults are always telling kids to stay away from strangers.  Interacting with them can of course, be dangerous.  But, as adults, in the social media age, it is not only encouraged but widely accepted to interact with and even befriend strangers.  While I love attending baseball games with friends, it's not always feasible.  With 162 games in MLB, it's nearly impossible to attend even all of the home games of my favorite teams.  So what's a baseball fan to do?  Watch games with fellow fans through social media.  One of the easiest and fastest ways to interact with fellow fans is through one of my favorite social media channels, twitter.  Instead of sitting at home alone, yelling at my t.v. and scaring my dog, I'm able to talk about games with fans from all over the world.

A sea of strangers

Besides talking with fellow fans during games, it's a great way to express optimism about upcoming games as well as analyze games afterwards.  Another advantage to using social media is being able to interact with players.  I often wish that social media had been around when I was a kid just so I would've been able to tell Mr. Padre how much of an inspiration he was to me.
I think one of my favorite parts about social media and baseball is that not only have I found another way to enjoy games, but, I've even made friends outside of the world wide web.  Many of my friends that I've interacted with over the years are now close friends.  These are people I may have seen at games in the past, but would've never approached to ask their opinions on about how our favorite team could improve.  Using social media is such a great way to build camaraderie among fans. So, although it is usually frowned upon to talk to strangers, in the case of social media and baseball, I think it's a win win.

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