Monday, September 29, 2014

September Adventures 9/22-9/29

Sometimes, the best weeks have a really great single day.  That was the case this past week!  While visiting Disneyland is always a great addition to any week, the highlight of last week was visiting San Diego.  While in San Diego, I went to several new to me places.  One of the new to me places I visited was Brabant which hosted a special event for the Pink Boots Society and Beer for Boobs.  Delirium Tremens sent a rare keg of the beer Deliria, a beer brewed exclusively by the professional women brewers of Belgium!  I was happy I could try a unique beer, especially because it helped to support two great causes.  I also went to Fathom, which is a teeny tiny bait and tackle shop, which also happens to have a rad selection of craft beer and great food too!  How often can you say that you've had Pliny the Elder along with lumpia while sitting on a pier?  Even more awesome is that fact that Fathom is across the street from Humphreys, which is where the Pixies were playing on Saturday night.  Saturday ended up being an epic day, to say the least.

Matterhorn, Disneyland
Oogie Boogie, Disneyland
Haunted Mansion Holiday, Disneyland
Small Bar, San Diego
Deliria at Brabant, San Diego
Pliny the Elder at Fathom, San Diego
Reasonable beer prices at a concert!

The Pixies put on one of the best shows, ever.

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