Monday, July 8, 2013

Baseball and beer, two of my favorite things!

Noble Ale Works Big Whig IPA
Going to baseball games in Anaheim are always a lot of fun.  Visiting a local craft beer brewery before hitting up an Angels game is a great way to start any game.  Noble Ale Works is a perfect location to have a beer either before or after an Angels game since they are located a short walk from the stadium.  Before I watch my Angles play, I like to have a delicious Big Whig IPA.  On game days, there are many fans who choose to beat the crowds and watch the game from the comfort of Noble Ale Works tasting room. 

After a short walk to Angels Stadium, the closest entrance just happens to be located near Draft Pick located near Gate 2.  Draft Pick is located on the field level of the stadium on the third base side of the stadium.  They have a great selection of craft beer including beer from: Bootlegger's BreweryFirestone WalkerGoose IslandHangar 24Kona Brewing and New Belgium. 

Bootlegger's Brewery Palomino Pale Ale
Along with serving craft beer at Draft Pick located near Gate 2, you can also find craft beer at the Diamond Club, Knothole Club, Broken Bat Section 112, and of course in the swanky suites.  Being able to enjoy two of my favorite things, baseball and beer together makes my heart happy!


  1. What a spoiled people you are! I remember when baseball games had nothing but macro swill- over priced and lots of it. Great to see that even the ol' classic American sport is changing for the better.


  2. We definitely are spoiled nowadays! Thanks for reading my post!
    Cheers! : )