Sunday, February 10, 2013

San Francisco bound this weekend!

San Francisco is by far one of my most favorite towns.  I love the drive from Southern California up north, the scenery is gorgeous.  I almost enjoy the drive more than the destination!  This next weekend, I'll be venturing to San Francisco for a few days and am debating what to do while there.  I've visited a few breweries and craft beer bars on past visits, but I always like to try something new with each trip.

No traffic driving through Los Angeles is always a nice treat.

Beer at Bear Republic, so yummy!

Breweries I have visited on the way and/or in the area of San Francisco include:
Hollister Brewing CompanyFigueroa Mountain Brewing CompanyFirestone Walker BreweryLagunitas Brewing CompanyBear Republic Brewery, and Russian River Brewing Company.
I'm looking for suggestions for craft beer bars or breweries to visit on my next trip.  Which ones are your favorites?

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